As a Type 1 diabetic since the age of 11, through a heart attack and quadruple heart bypass surgery to losing my lower right leg and total hearing in my left ear nearly 8 years ago, I owe an enormous debt to the amazing staff of Kingston hospital for keeping me alive and as healthy as possible.

Being able to volunteer through RBKares has given me the opportunity to give back to those amazing people when they need us to help and support them. Although I can never repay all that the Hospital has done, I love supporting all the work RBKares does for the staff and within our community.


Doing something for the community and helping others make me feel happy and useful. That is why I do volunteering


In times when global pandemic makes everyone feel small, knowing that the small things I do, makes a contribution to others, enables me to feel I have made a difference. If everyone does a little, together we can achieve so much more than we ever dare to dream.


I started volunteering to fill a need in me to get through Covid and to thank our health and care home staff for their amazing work. It has become so much more – i have met a fabulous group of like-minded people, improved my mental health, laughed and socialised as well as increased my feeling of self-worth.

Win Win I’d say!

I had the pleasure and privilege of delivering gifts and goods to a learning disabilities care home. As I got to know one staff member, he told me how amazing it was for them to be remembered. Seeing some of the residents, I felt humbled by how one small gesture can mean so much and make a huge difference.


When I arrived at the hospital to drop off, I was met with excited eyes and a real sense of gratitude, and that was from the nurses who had come to great me. It really hit me how important what we are doing as group. It may have been a gesture, but the impact of our recognition and thanks from them was priceless. I was truly humbled by the gratitude and thanks that met me as I dropped off supplies to the refugee centre. It felt great to offer some positivity to the newly arrived refugee community. To offer the hand of friendship and support was very powerful.


I was thrilled to be able to contribute to RBKares Christmas incentive in its second year to provide a gift for staff and residents in our local nursing and care homes. I am blessed to have my family nearby and so was very happy to be able to provide a few gifts for those less fortunate and as a sign of appreciation to their carers. I bought a few items that I would be pleased to receive and made some fabric gift bags to put them in. Count me in for Christmas 2022 !