Piper Hall

We had a wonderful drop in wellbeing event at Piper Hall on the Cambridge Road Estate last week, kindly hosted by the Tuesday Club at CRESt.

It was great meeting the clients and we had lots of local healthcare providers there: Mind in kingston, Heath Promotion Kingston, a local GP, Social Prescribers, Health Coaches, Connected Kingston, Superhighways and the Vaccination team as well as some of the RBKares team.

We are doing another one on the 31st of May and hope to be able to support this community more in the coming months.

Entertainment bags

We made ‘noughts and crosses’ bags from recycled materials and bottle tops to give to the learning disabled, the children’s wards, A&E and the mental health assessment rooms.

We also made lots of these bags to give to patients in Kingston Hospital. The entertainment system in the hospital is broken so volunteers are trying to come up with games they can sew. This ranges from colourful snakes and ladders, to droughts, soft patchworked stress balls and possibly even risk.

Fidget Mat Seats

Following the great success of the fidget mats Sue Littleboy has designed ‘fidget seats’ for the primary school children. These are very similar to the mats. The seats are fixed to the chair with elastic and have knitted and sewn fidgets that hang off the sides. The idea is that the children keep themselves calmer by pulling or playing with these. We are aiming to get some to the special educational needs coordinator at primary schools. We are getting great feedback from teachers and children alike.

Kingston Young Carers

We are starting to make Kindness Kits with younger appeal for some of the Young Carers in Kingston. These children need to be shown kindness, how valuable they are and how much their work is appreciated. The bags would have games, puzzles, notebooks and treats in them. We are hoping to run some crafting workshops with different age groups.

We are hoping to run a community sewing group for new refugees. A lot of the ladies from the fidget mat workshop are keen to mentor any newcomers. These would be a social environment with sewing, knitting, crocheting and felting.

If you’d like to get involved please go to our Contact page.