Thank you from a grateful recipient

Do you really appreciate how much one of your bags does to the moral of those who receive them? From a grateful recipient I can only say it reduced me to a blubbering wreck as I opened the most beautifully crafted bag with tiny little hearts attached to the ribbons.

As I looked at the contents I felt they were just right and given with love. Something to distract me, something sweet for my sugar craving, something for my wellbeing, a card with a stamp I could send to a friend – and where I could share some of those kind thoughts and some laughter, and virtual hugs.

RBKares Mindful Gift Bag

But most of all a simple thank you card. Hand written with kind words and thanks for supporting others. I think the thanks should come back to you as a community of givers, for supporting us with your good wishes. And for thinking of us and sharing your talents.

Thank you.

Thank you from the chaplaincy

On behalf of the Department of Chaplaincy, Pastoral & Spiritual Support I would like to pass on our sincere thanks for the fabulous set of Scrubs for the team.  We are delighted with them!!

They look great, and are very well received on the wards.  The team report that simply being recognisable in this way, with the colour scheme and the embroidered logos, is enabling a whole new level of conversation on the wards with patients and with staff, which is really helpful at this time of great anxiety.

Embroidered scrubs ready to go

Thanks from a care home

We would like to send a BIG THANK YOU to you and your team, the work you have being doing during the lockdown have been exceptional. From the masks and bags you made to the wonderful gifts RBKares sent to residents and staff it was amazing. Our staffs and residents continue to talk about how wonderful it was to receive so much wishes of love from your team, the school children’s and the cards. One of our residents Peter said it was the best Christmas ever and the best presents.

Thanks from the young carer activity leader

So far, I’ve handed out around 50 bags and the young carers have welcomed the bags very happily.

It’s lovely to see their faces when they open them and see the contents. The mindfulness colouring books are popular as so the knotted snakes. The young carers have swapped colours of the snakes with their peers.

I have been explaining the donations to the young carers and handing them out at the end of the trip when we come back from a day out. and one girl said. “Really, they made the bags for free, for us! “

Thanks from critical care

We were so grateful to receive donations for our team; scrub hats, cakes, brownies and hand creams. During the most difficult of times at work these gifts were such a morale boost for the critical care team. It was so touching to know that people were thinking of us.

Testimonial from a Wellbeing Event partner

Thanks from ENT

My team and I were so grateful to receive all the wonderful RBKares donations and gifts over this last year. We really appreciated the ear savers and headbands to relieve our very sore ears and add a bit of joy to our (and our patients’) days.

We were previously making do with paperclips and uncomfortable plastic hooks so they were very welcome. The colourful scrubs with rainbow necklines and pockets are so beautiful and comfortable and are always met with a big smile.

The donated hand creams, lip balms and other goodies were such a treat and pick-me up to brighten up many hard days. We are so grateful for all the love, effort and generosity of RBKares and the volunteers for helping us to get through these unprecedented times.

Thanks from an Early Years Teacher

I am an experienced Early Years Teacher, who worked through lockdown, learning new skills and new ways of teaching. It was and continues to be the most stressful 20 months of my career. Earlier this year, when the pressure was really beginning to impact my own mental health, and therefore the quality of what I could offer to the children and families in my care, I received the most wonderful of gifts. Without the love and care of the amazing team at RBKares and the compassion within the community, I do not think that I would still be doing my job. RBKares has been the rudder in a very stormy sea.

Thank you will never be enough but is all that I have to offer.

Thanks from a Fidget Mat group member

It was wonderful to meet lots of talented and inspirational people with many common interests. Hopefully it will be possible to keep the group going and to keep production of items for the benefit of the community.

This project has made me feel I belong to something where we share our interest in helping other people.


RBKares have been finalists in the Kingston Borough Business Awards in three categories:

Contribution to the Community – 2021 Finalist

Start-Up of the Year – 2021 Finalist

Charity of the Year – 2022 Highly Commended Runner-Up

Make a difference Hero – BBC Radio London

Through her work with RBKares, Kate Kenyon, our Chair was the Royal borough of Kingston ‘Make a difference’ Hero for BBC radio London as well as a Mayor of Kingston Covid award.

Great British Business Awards – shortlisted for Charity of the Year