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Connected Kingston

Connected Kingston is a site dedicated to helping people find activities, join clubs, and navigate local services in Kingston upon Thames. 

Citizens Advice Kingston

Citizens Advice Kingston is a team of local people serving our local community. It has a team of experienced volunteers and paid staff that provide a free Single Front Door to all local information and advice services.

They provide information and advice services through a network of providers, the Kingston Information and Advice Alliance (KiAA). Together, they work and campaign to improve services for local people. It is free to join and membership gives you access to the noticeboard, discussion groups, events and mailshot updates.

COVID Clinics

Please see details of the latest COVID clinics in Kingston in these posters. more detailed information is on the vaccination page

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click to see larger image

The following link leads to South West London CCG advice on Covid. There are a lot of frequently asked questions and answers. It contains a link to talk to a healthcare professional, ask questions about Covid or about different Covid vaccines and doses, safety, side effects, effectiveness and much more.
If you are anxious or needle phobic, this link may help.
If you need vaccine communication in different languages you as find this link helpful.–HfcvmHN1a7V2i?usp=sharing&fbclid=IwAR1t-ajW6-fRep0YTEpV4f9Nq-qvBBaccQntZKfz1SFYg9majHCGtglVth4
If you have had a vaccine abroad and it added to your NHS records, this link will explain the how to do it.